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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Cadbury Crunchie

The other day I came across this Cadbury Crunchie, I kinda forgot how it tasted like. I remembered it as a hard and sweet chocolate bar. But then again, why not give it another try after so many years? 

Cadbury Crunchie is a milk chocolate with golden honeycombed centre. It cost me RM5.49 for one stick at Mercato. Quite expensive tho. But price may vary at difference supermarkets. I remember Dome Cafe created a drink with Cadbury Crunchie bits as toppings.

I thought it is hard to bite, but is very easy to bite. Tho is was suppose to be "crunchie", I like to take small bites and melt the honeycomb with my saliva. Haha! The taste is a bit too sweet for me perhaps.

You can create honeycomb in your own kitchen too.

Nigella Lawson calls it as Hockey Pockey instead. Enjoy :)

SUBWAY Ramadan Meal at only RM9.90*!

This makes me so happy!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wednesday Promotions 2012

Working days are dreadful. At least I found some happiness on Wednesday!

Every Wednesday evening, I will dash out from the office as early as possible (my work ends at 6pm) to go to my favourite destination before 7pm.

My first destination will be Starbucks Coffee of course!
For Wednesday's offer you need to have Starbucks card to be entitled for 50% off for any frappucino of your choice. One Java chip, venti size is RM8.50.

Then my next stop will be Subway, which is located two doors away from Starbucks at Plaza Damas!

Wednesday's Sub of the day is Meatball Marinara! So happy! My favourite Sub of the days are Red-Hot Monday's Italian B.M.T and Lively Wednesday's Meatball Marinara! One subbie for RM7.50.

Something to perk you up in the middle of the week! <3

Monday, 16 July 2012

Pringles Potato Crips, Seaweed Flavour

 I came across this product the other day, was curious about it and it's quite cheap (RM3.95) compared to the sour cream onion flavour (RM5.95).

When I opened it, it's green. Super unflattering GREEN COLOUR. Taste wise, not so nice. Will not purchase this product again. Original and sour cream onion flavour taste much better than this!

Kerupuk Getas Ikan, Camilan Tradisional @ Indonesia

Kerupuk Getas Ikan is a type of traditional snacks from Indonesia (on the packaging).

It has a hard texture on the outside, crunchy on the inside. Something that I find it to be very different from Malaysia's keropok!

My colleague brought the same type of snack to the office on the same day as I did. Talk about coincidence. She said mine was fishier. While her's was reddish and 'less fishy'. LOL. She got it from Sabah. While mine was from Jakarta :)

One large packet around 200g will cost approximately 25,900 Rupiah.

Quite nice! :) Will repurchase if I have the chance to do so.

The Original Chocolate Frosty @ Wendy's, Jaya One, PJ

I have found my new love! The Original Chocolate Frosty from Wendy's! Love at first taste!

SooOOoo much better than McD's ice-cream sundae! I can taste the smoothness of the ice-cream. The texture is not like McD's sundae which is buttery creammy. But this(!!!), is something different! Sort of like being whipped by the ice-cream machine for a very long time. Smooth, but not buttery smooth. A totally different type of texture! A must try!

I give 10/10 to my new love!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Chatime I Love Strawberry Series

This is not my first time to try the I Love Strawberry Series from Chatime. So far I've only tried the Strawberry Pudding Milk Tea (RM6.90) from this series.

This is because I can get free upgrade from regular to large size with my Chatime card!

Always make your orders clear to the person who takes your order. I like NO SUGAR and LESS ICE. But they don't really make it right all the time :(

FREE UPGRADE ends on 22nd of July 2012, ONLY for STRAWBERRY SERIES.

Remember to bring your card :)

Nabeyaki Udon @ Marufuku, Jaya One, PJ

My japanese colleague was craving for some udon the other day, so she brought me to this shop for lunch! 

All 4 of us ordered the same dish, Nabeyaki Udon. It taste good but I would prefer the fish and tenpura to be served separately. All of us ordered it with a set, which comes with green tea and tori kaarage (fried chicken) but its a bit tad oily.

I might come back again some day. I still can remember how tasty it is. Slurrps!

Marufuku, Jaya One, PJ.

Food: 7/10
Price: 6/10
Hospitality: 7/
Ambiance: 5/10


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