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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wednesday Promotions 2012

Working days are dreadful. At least I found some happiness on Wednesday!

Every Wednesday evening, I will dash out from the office as early as possible (my work ends at 6pm) to go to my favourite destination before 7pm.

My first destination will be Starbucks Coffee of course!
For Wednesday's offer you need to have Starbucks card to be entitled for 50% off for any frappucino of your choice. One Java chip, venti size is RM8.50.

Then my next stop will be Subway, which is located two doors away from Starbucks at Plaza Damas!

Wednesday's Sub of the day is Meatball Marinara! So happy! My favourite Sub of the days are Red-Hot Monday's Italian B.M.T and Lively Wednesday's Meatball Marinara! One subbie for RM7.50.

Something to perk you up in the middle of the week! <3


  1. thanks for this info but i still think subway and starbucks still quite expensive~

    1. Yea, they are still quite expensive. but it's after 50% discount!

      I don't go often, just once in a while. I don't always make it before 7pm. LOL