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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Royal Palace Korean BBQ Restaurant (Chung Wa Dae) @ Ampang (韓國村)

One fine day my sis brought me to Ampang for some korean food after running some errands. This is my first time in Malaysia's Korean Town.

They were playing Oppa Gangnam Style again and again!

My sis loves spicy food, so she ordered this Kimchijige for herself.

One thing that I like about korean food is simply because of their side dishes!

You can refill the ones you like,


Being a typical Asian, of course you must have rice.

And soup! Pardon my shaky photos, I'm too busy eating. Haha.

I think this is called Samgyubsal. The guy cooked for us, we only need to wait for it to be cooked.

And EAT!

This vege is used to pair it with the meat.

Same goes for these.

This is how you eat it!

Or this. Eat however you like!

Saw this huge thing at the cashier.

Paid RM58 for 2 Samgyubsal and 1 Kimchijige. Not to forget those unlimited side dishes!

Will come back again, some day! Very authentic place!

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